Rhino Linings Protective Coatings

CCSF offers durable and proven Rhino Linings industrial coating products for a wide variety of applications. Rhino Linings Polyurea has been proven to offer high-level chemical resistance and protection against impact, abrasion and corrosion to deliver maximum protection and toughness, but at a great value vs our competitors products. A few typical applications include:
Secondary Containment
Tank Linings
Industrial Floors
Primary Containment
Roofs and Roofing Systems
Water – Wastewater
Chemical Containment
Trenchless Pipe Repairs/CIPP
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Polyurea is a coating/tank lining technology and has been used very successfully for many different applications today all around the world. Polyurea technology is not new, it has been around and in use for almost four decades now but in caparison to many other coating systems it is more advanced than let’s say more traditional coating systems and offers a whole array of possible advantages to the owner/contractor that cannot be achieved with any other coating system.

Polyurea is not a specific coating system by name or specification but it is a polymer technology with a vast range of product formulations, this then intern offers a whole range of possible solutions. There are not many coating systems that can compare to Polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties from high elongation to superior tensile strengths from hard abrasion resistant to soft impact resistant polyurea.  Polyurea’s major benefit has to be its fast set and return to service characteristics, Tack free within 10 – 60 Seconds and open to traffic within the hour, returning an area to service many times faster than traditional coatings.